Pilot Kit

Quantum RTLS Technology

Fully Integrated Wireless Hardware

The Pilot Kit includes everything you need to build a proof of concept or for use in production work right out of the box. The kit comes with eight EFN10 units; six are configured as anchor nodes, and two are configured as mobile nodes; however, they are all software swappable operation modes. With its integrated battery and data link, the EFN10 can operate wirelessly and can be used for temporary installations or hardwired to USB power for permanent setups. All communication and power accessories are included.

Intuitive RTLS Management Software

Conveniently deploy, auto-calibrate, and manage your Quantum RTLS platform using ZeroKey’s RTLS Management Software. Wizard-driven workflows make setup and calibration easy to understand for fast deployment and commissioning. Powerful 3D visualization tools present your workspace in an intuitive way to ensure your system is functioning to its fullest.


Experience the power of precision with the Quantum RTLS Pilot Kit. As a ready-to-use, all-in-one solution, the kit includes everything you need to get a precise positioning project up and running in minutes. All components in the kit can be reused for large projects by simply adding more anchor nodes to scale your coverage area and more mobile nodes to track more assets.


  • 8 x software configurable EFN10 nodes
  • All required accessories
  • RTLS Management Software for fast, easy configuration
  • Coverage of an area of up to 400 m2 (4,305 sq ft)
  • Complete wireless operation

Success Should Not Be Conditional

Due to deployment complexity, typical RTLS platforms have been limited to applications that require permanent installations. With the flexibility, simplicity and speed of Quantum RTLS, temporary deployments become a reality. Anchor nodes can be deployed flexibly to cover any working area and self-calibrated in minutes, allowing you to experience the power of precision with any ZeroKey mobile node. The EFN10 units in the Pilot Kit are fully integrated and completely wireless, giving you a fast, convenient and precise positioning coverage.

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